Skinny Fiber vs. Plexus Slim

All you hear on the news these days is that people are getting fatter and fatter. There is plenty of evidence to support that idea. Weight loss has ballooned into a huge money-making industry. Every other commercial seems to promise miraculous weight loss with no need to change lifestyles. We believe the commercials, so we spend more and more money on diet products of all kinds, only to end up bitterly disappointed most of the time. But here are two relatively newer weight loss supplements that deserve a closer look.

What is Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber is a weight management system made by Skinny Body Care that first hit the market in 2011. This product is designed to combat weight gain with a two-pronged approach. First of all, Skinny Fiber includes enzymes rich in nutrients. Secondly, Skinny Fiber uses Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber to help your body feel fuller when you eat, resulting in your eating fewer, smaller portions of food.

What does it actually do?

The company’s promises are fine and dandy, but how does Skinny Fiber actually work? First of all, the proprietary formula of Skinny Fiber was created by scientists from some of the best ingredients globally. It helps with detoxification of the body, clearing out toxins. It supports healthy digestion. It’s loaded with antioxidants, and, of course, may help you with your weight management. It contains Carralluma, a plant native to India that is part of the cactus family, which has a long history of being used as an appetite suppressant. It also contains Chá de Bugre, an appetite suppressant that comes from Brazil, which may also contribute to your metabolic health. Skinny Fiber is FDA approved. It runs at about $60 per bottle.


Many users report that weight loss is rapid, helping them to lose pounds into double digits (around 40) in the space of about 4 months. There are no reported side effects, other than increased bowel movements from the intake of extra fiber.

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is an organic weight management product that relies mostly on two plant extracts (Chlorogenic acids, which are present in fruits and vegetables and which are high in anti-oxidants, and oxypregnane steroidal glycoside, an appetite suppressant, to aid in suppressing cravings for food, fighting extra weight gain, and boost energy levels. Also, it’s very pricy, at $170 for a one-month supply.

What Does It Do?

The manufacturer states that Plexus Slim can change your body’s faulty programming to rid you of irregular body functions. It reportedly helps to control diabetes, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.


Users agree on the appetite suppressant qualities. Weight loss seems to be in about the same amount range for the same length of time (+/- 40-some pounds within 4 or 5 months). There don’t seem to be negative side effects, but there are some things to beware of. This company has no clinical research to back up their claims. Plexus Worldwide, the maker, won’t test the product, unlike Skinny Fiber, which is FDA approved.

Which One Wins?

These two products demonstrate roughly the same performance over the same time frame (4-5 months for 40+ lbs. lost), but Skinny fiber is FDA approved. Plexus Slim is not, and has no research to support its claims. The kicker is the staggering price difference. If you really need to rely on a weight loss supplement, do yourself a favor and skip Plexus Slim. Skinny Fiber can get the job done a lot more cost effectively and will be a lot easier on your wallet.

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